To participate in the next exercise Sea Breeze brought in more than 50 countries

More than fifty countries invited to participate in the next joint exercises of NATO and Ukraine in the Black sea, said the American captain Joseph Gagliano.

"Our biggest hope for the next decade: to increase the number of participating countries. Last year was attended by 22 countries, this year the situation with the pandemic we had plans to bring in 27 States. Next year we invited more than 50 countries to participate," he said Gagliano during a telephone press conference.

According to him, expansion in the number of participants demonstrates the global interest in stability and security in the Black sea. "The more countries we can include in the list of participants, the more allies we will have this idea... the more difficult exercises are, the more effective we will become, as the international community in response to all threats to security and stability in the Black sea", - he said.

He did not specify whether there were plans to invite Russia to participate in the following maneuvers.

Exercises Sea Breeze lasted all last week. The defense Ministry described the maneuvers as successful, saying that they involved two thousand people, 23 ship and 19 aircraft.