Lukashenko stressed the importance of the harvesting campaign in Belarus

The elections of the President of Belarus is secondary, the main thing is to focus on the harvesting campaign, declared on Monday the head of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko.

"Elections are elections, and eat all they want. Therefore, the main should be focused here (at harvest – ed.). Elections - this is the second time," - said Lukashenko during his working trip to Nesvizh district, Minsk region. Details leads the Agency Sputnik of Belarus.

As he said, no matter who was President or Governor, the bread is always needed. "And God forbid, to repeat the 90-ies. I already told you. When in Minsk was three days flour to bake bread. So why would we worth, this bread needs to recover and to rebuild reserves," - said the head of state.

Belarusians will elect their President on 9 August. Candidates for the highest office was five people, Lukashenko is running for a sixth term. Currently, the Republic is undergoing a period of pre-election campaign, he will continue to 8 August inclusive.