"Sun" is among the five most popular export land systems

Heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "Sun" in the top five of the most popular samples of Russian land-based military vehicles, said Monday the General Director of "Rosoboronexport" (ROE) Alexander Mikheev.

This statement he made in the past on the eve of the Nizhny Tagil demonstration TOS-1A for a number of foreign customers.

"TOS-1A is unique for the world market sample the world's only powerful means of fire support units short range. This technique is not performed anywhere except in Russia, and we proudly show it to our foreign partners. Due to its higher performance, the TOS-1A is consistently in the top 5 samples supplied by Rosoboronexport for the army customers," Mikheyev was quoted by the press service of RBE.

Your "higher combat characteristics of" the system repeatedly showed in actual combat conditions while destroying the fortified positions of the terrorist groups in the middle East.

Heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A is armed with not only the Russian army but also several countries of the world. Unlike all existing systems of volley fire, only a fighting machine BM-1 system TOS-1A, having a reservation on the level of the tank and a minimum range of 600 meters (maximum 6 miles), can carry out combat missions on the front line of defense in a very short period of time, "while remaining virtually invulnerable" state in ROE.

Fighting vehicle BM-1 is built on a tracked chassis, its armament consists of a launcher with 24 guide pipes with a caliber of 220 millimeters for launching unguided missiles with a thermobaric warhead, which allows you to hit the fortified positions of the enemy.

Full volley, the duration of which is several seconds able to destroy enemy forces in the area of 40 thousand square meters.