The police seized hostages police in Poltava

Police continue to search for the man, who took hostage a police officer in the Poltava while trying to arrest, reported Monday RIA Novosti press-Secretary of police of Poltava region Roman Grishin.

On Thursday, police in Poltava region said that the man tried to stop a stolen car, threatening to detonate a grenade, it leads the negotiations. Later the man took in hostages of the chief of criminal investigation Department of main police Department in Poltava region and left with him in the law enforcement car. The main requirement of men was to avoid criminal liability. Later took over the police abandoned the car, released the hostage unharmed and disappeared.

"Still, we continue to look for," said Grishin.

However, he clarified that the searches are conducted in the Poltava region.

Earlier, police filed a case, the offender was charged with "encroachment on life of employee of law enforcement body", "the taking of a law enforcement officer as a hostage" and "illegal circulation of ammunition".