Greek newspaper reported attack on journalist

Unknown in Athens fired a yellow journalist of the newspaper "Makeli" ("Massacre") Stefanos of Chios, he was hospitalized with a wound in the neck and chest, according to the newspaper.

Newspaper "Makeli" is considered scandalous, it is often accused of spreading false news.

The attack occurred in the area of Vrilissia, North Athens around two in the morning. Two masked men were waiting for Chios near his home and began firing through the car window when he drove up. Immediately after the attack they fled, the newspaper said. Chios hospitalized with two bullet wounds, doctors assess his condition as "controlled", writes "Makeli".

The paper argues that "the order to kill was given to the cartel of political terror and corruption" for the "revealing of the publication."

Chios has repeatedly accused of defamation, dissemination of false information, threats to politicians. In particular, in 2018, Chios was arrested for publishing with calls to shoot the President, Prime Minister and Minister of foreign Affairs for agreement on the constitutional name of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The largest trade Union of journalists in Greece - journalists ' Union of Athens daily Newspapers ESIEA - has repeatedly condemned Chios for violations of ethical standards.