Arrivals in South Korea aliens with COVID-19 will be obliged to pay for treatment

The South Korean authorities agreed to revise the legislation on free treatment of foreign citizens with the coronavirus in connection with the increase in imported from abroad cases COVID-19, said the Minister of health and social security of RK Pak Nyn Hu.

"Given the growing economic pressure on health and quarantine system, with the increase in foreign patients with the coronavirus, we decided to prepare a plan for revising the system cover their treatment costs," said Pak Nyn Hu following the meeting of the Central headquarters for liquidation of emergency situations.

On Sunday at the staff meeting, Prime Minister Chung Se-Kyung said the need for foreign citizens to pay for the treatment of coronavirus after Saturday South Korea had registered 113 new cases, 86 of which were imported from abroad – 36 people from Iraq and 34 from Russia.

In accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan, the cost of hospitalization and treatment of confirmed cases with coronavirus covered by the government regardless of their citizenship. Now the Ministry of health will revise the rule so that you can demand payment from foreigners, who know that they are infected COVID-19, but still go to Korea. To cover the cost yourself ask those who have the coronavirus will find on the border or within a two-week quarantine upon arrival. First it is planned to apply the new requirements only to those who violated the rules of quarantine security. The government will consider the extension of the scope depending on the situation with the virus in the country.

Pak Nyn Hu said that the fee from foreigners for treatment will be charged taking into account the principle of reciprocity in diplomatic relations.

"If we require payment for treatment with the nationals of those countries that also require to pay for treatment in HIV-positive South Korean citizens, I think our people abroad would be more likely to get help for free," - said the Minister.

Pak Nyn Hu also added that the government plans to charge fees for hospitalization and medical expenses, but not for testing. The test for the coronavirus will remain free to all regardless of citizenship.

Also in connection with rising cases of coronavirus among Russian sailors arriving in Busan, the South Korean authorities will now require from the incoming to the port ships within 48 hours to provide certificates about the absence of all people on Board COVID-19.

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