Kuznetsova will be asked to verify the data on violence against children in the monastery

Commissioner for the rights of the child in the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova told RIA Novosti that it will send the request to the Prosecutor General and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with a request to verify information on cases of ill-treatment of children in Sredneuralskaya convent.

According to the Commissioner, the monastery currently there are 16 minors.

"From the very beginning, when this situation became known to us, clarified the situation. The information was very contradictory. Contacted a colleague the Commissioner for the rights of the child (in the region - ed). According to preliminary information, at present, the monastery has 16 minors, some parents, the guardianship office carries out checks on a weekly basis. But now we additionally direct our requests to the Central IC and the Prosecutor's office in order to be able to check the fact of violent acts and other violations of the rights of minors," said Kuznetsova.

The Ombudsman stressed that the situation in the monastery, and had previously attracted attention. So, the regional children's Ombudsman visited the site together with the authorized structures for the verification of other alarm signals that have not been confirmed. At the moment, according to Kuznetsova, in the Federal unit also received a petition on the situation in the monastery.

In late June, the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak said that she and her crew were attacked in the monastery where she was collecting material for the investigation of chiyoumen Sergius banned from serving after saying about the "pseudopodia" coronavirus, and the beating in the monastery of children. In the diocese of Yekaterinburg, RIA Novosti said they were working on reports about the abuse of children in 2009-2010.