In Seoul said that the defector in North Korea was not sick COVID-19

The man, identified by South Korean media as a defector, returned to the DPRK, has not been sick with coronavirus, was reported in the Central headquarters for liquidation of emergencies of RK.

The DPRK on Sunday said that previously escaped to the South a citizen three years later, again illegally crossed the military demarcation line on 19 July, returned to the country. He suspected COVID-19, the results of the tests showed uncertain results. This man was placed in a rigid quarantine, the authorities identify those who had contact with him, for the evaluations and placing them in isolation.

DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN decided to quarantine the city of Kaesong, where they found the defector, as well as introduced a state of emergency in the territory and made the decision to move from a "national emergency quarantine system" to "maximum emergency system."

As reported at the briefing, the representative of the Ministry of defense of the South, one of the North Korean defectors in the country really came back from RK back to North Korea via the island of Ganghwa, located on the West coast of South Korea near the inter-Korean border. In the region found the bag, presumably belonging to the defector. Currently, the defence Ministry and the unification Ministry and other responsible authorities are investigating the incident.

Officially, the identity wasn't reported, but a number of South Korean media quoted police sources reported that the most likely candidate is a man 20-30 years old surnamed Kim, who arrived in South Korea three years ago, in 2017, and last month became a suspect in the rape of his friend and was questioned. His arrest warrant was issued and the young man probably ran off back to North Korea.

"The relevant authorities are currently checking to see who was returned to the DPRK people. But with regards to the man yesterday, the media reported as deserter, he was not registered in the system as a patient with coronavirus. It is also not listed as contact with someone sick with coronavirus...Also yesterday, the police Department checked up on virus of two people who believe that might make contact with this person. They have also not discovered the coronavirus," he said at a briefing head of the pivot team to combat coronavirus Central headquarters for liquidation of emergencies Yoon Tae-Ho.

If confirmed he has the virus returned from South Korea will be the first infected COVID-19 in the DPRK.

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