In the state Duma proposed to confiscate the plots of the farmers responsible for landscape fires

The state can give a right to seize land from farmers, the fault which has occurred of landscape fire, the state Duma is working on the relevant bill, reported RIA Novosti, the author of the initiative, the Deputy head of the Duma faction "Fair Russia" Oleg Shein.

The Deputy noted that landscape fires occur in Russia every year. Landscape fires are fires that are not related to the category of forest, including herbal and cane. Cause fires is that the land users deliberately set fire to their land, saving their purification from the residue of last year's vegetation, the fire can spread on the dry grass over long distances and to become a source of major fires.

He explained that the right of withdrawal of the land plot plan to empower local authorities, they will decide to use this right or not in each case.

The project also proposed to introduce into legislation the concept of "landscape fire" with the subsequent definition of the powers of the authorities for the prevention and suppression of such fires.

"The law is the concept of "landscape fire", respectively, there is no service which they are engaged. If forests are still working, if the fire originated in the desert somewhere and so on and from there gets to the forest, for example, they engaged in not a legally one," - said Shein.

Changes I plan to make to the Land code of the Russian Federation and the Federal law "On turnover of agricultural lands".

In drafting the bill involved relevant professionals, including consultations have been held with staff of the Ministry, said the MP.

The submission of the draft to the state Duma scheduled for September 2020.