Robot "Fedor" will be a "coach" for the next space robot

Cosmonaut in space robot "Fedor" will be used to test technologies that will then be used in the new Russian space robot, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Executive Director of the NGO "Android technology" Eugene Dudorov.

Robot "Theodore" went into space on 22 August 2019 on the spacecraft "Soyuz MS-14". Aboard the ISS, he was tested in Autonomous mode and under control of the astronauts. September 7, Fedor returned to Earth.

"Now the robot is rocket-space Corporation "Energy" (manufacturer of spacecraft "Soyuz", on one of which have been in space robot - ed), but there is paperwork to transfer the property of the chief scientist of the Institute of Roscosmos TsNIIMash", - said Dudorov.

The project "Teledroid" involves the creation of an anthropomorphic robot with no legs who will work on the outer surface of the ISS. In February of this year it was reported that completed the conceptual and technical design of this robotic complex. The robot will be sent into space in 2024.