The chamber reviewed the expenditures of the Ministry of communications

The Russian audit chamber has checked in 2019 was performed by the budget of the Ministry and its subordinate Federal communications Agency, Roskomnadzor and Rospechat, is spoken in the message of Department.

It is noted that the lowest level of execution of the Federal budget expenditures was observed in the Ministry of communications – 77.1 percent. "This is mainly due to the revision of the national programme "Digital economy", the new version of which was approved 6 months after the start of the financial year. In the result, the cash execution of expenses on nutsprogramme was only 73.3 per cent (73.8 per billion RUB), and 64 of the planned results have been achieved in a 36 or 56 percent," says SP.

Not much better situation with the implementation of the state program "Information society", responsible executor of which is the Ministry of communications. "Of the 74 targets in 2019 is not reached 12. Some of them are already not the first year. Just for the implementation of GP "Information society" in 2019 was provided to 240 billion rubles. Cash execution made 218,4 billion rubles, or 91%," - commented on the situation, the auditor Alexei Kaulbars.

In the course of the audit the accounting chamber drew attention to the significant growth in accounts receivable for expenses of the Ministry of communications and Rossvyaz. So, the Ministry it has grown by more than 3.6 times and amounted to 13.5 billion rubles. The reason is the considerable increase in advance payments under state contracts, as well as the increase in balances of subsidies that the Department has provided in 2019 budgetary institutions and other legal entities.

The check also revealed violations in public procurement. In particular, Rospechat without bidding concluded 9 contracts for the organization and conducting book festivals worth over 133 million rubles.

In terms of Roskomnadzor identified deficiencies in the provision of subsidies subordinate enterprises. So, in terms of appropriations of the Federal state unitary enterprise "Main radio frequency center" a numeric indicator of the effectiveness of the use of subsidies in 2019 was equal to zero, thus, admitted the lack of any result.

The head of the SP Alexei Kudrin in January in an interview with RIA Novosti reported that the volume of outstanding expenses of the budget of the Russian Federation by the end of 2019 is estimated at 1,115 trillion rubles.