Banksy has donated a series of paintings charity auction

Famous British street artist Banksy has donated a series of three paintings on the theme of European migration crisis charity auction to raise funds for hospital in Bethlehem, according to the publication Independent.

In the triptych entitled "the Views of the Mediterranean 2017" (Mediterranean Sea View 2017) on the background seascape in the style of the nineteenth century depicted the abandoned life jackets and circles. According to the publication, the price can be from 800 thousand to 1.2 million pounds.

The paintings will be sold by auction house Sotheby's on July 28, the newspaper reports. Proceeds will be directed to the medical center "Bethlehem Arab rehabilitation society" (BASR).

It is noted that prior to this work for three years was kept in the hotel's Walled-Off Hotel, opened by the artist in March 2017. Art hotel, containing ten rooms, is located in front of the Israeli separation barrier - the wall that separates Israel from the West Bank of the Jordan river.

Banksy (Banksy) – English painter of mystery, provocateur and prankster that changed mass performance about street art. His witty and ironic work against politics, war, capitalism, and moralizing become the subject of the hunting of journalists, photographers, vandals, art critics and collectors. The work of Banksy is not just sold for six figures.