Zyuganov has compared political parties a swarm of bees

Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov compared the party with a swarm of bees, noting that the bee laws are ideal for party building.

Family Zyuganov in beekeeping for several generations. A few years ago a book was published policy "In the apiary Zyuganov".

"(Bee laws for new parties - ed.) is ideal. The uterus of all listening. Not eligible no one to contradict or argue. Moreover, when the output of the second uterus, two uteruses do not live, she tries to pierce the sting. Bees do not have the right to touch," - said Zyuganov in the air of TV channel "Russia 1".

On the question of the correspondent about the situation in the party, Zyuganov said that the Communist party is now in order, "a lot of young responsible guys came," and on the background of the situation with COVID-19 it strictly complies with anti-epidemic rules.