The situation sank in Odessa tanker "Delphi" declared emergency

The authorities of the Odessa region of Ukraine recognized the emergency situation from the sunken tanker "Delphi", the decision was taken by the regional Commission on Sunday, said the head of area Maxim Kuts.

Earlier on Friday, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley said that the owner of the sunken in Odessa tanker "Delphi" last time trying to put the overturned vessel on the keel.

"Today held a meeting of the Commission on emergency situations over the sunken tanker "Delphi". The main thing – the situation is recognized as emergencies at the local level. Tomorrow, by law, it must approve the Commission of experts of gschs of Ukraine (the state service for emergency situations – ed.). After this process of elimination of the tanker finally goes exclusively to the state," wrote Kutz in your Facebook.

According to him, Gosekoinspektsiya initiated a recalculation of the damage to the ecology.

"Tomorrow we will hold an expanded meeting with the participation of industry experts. Their technical justification will be the basis for the liquidation of the vessel. Time for a little elimination. The owner before last did not refuse the rights to your property, delaying the process. Now, the elimination will state, with the technical implementation from ASD (Administration of sea ports of Ukraine – ed.). And the owner will reimburse the cost of the work and caused damage," added Kutz.

The eighteenth of July in Odessa have tried to raise the sunken tanker "Delphi", but one of the cables could not stand, because of which work had to stop. Twenty-fourth and 25 July was another attempt, however, to raise the ship failed.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky demanded in the near future to remove the sunken vessel "Delphi" from the coast of Odessa.

In November 2019 the tanker "Delphi" under the Moldovan flag was torn from its anchors and drifted in the direction of Odessa from-for a strong storm, where it ran aground. The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine has established a Commission to investigate the sinking of the tanker. Marine Agency of Moldova said that the tanker "Delphi" was deprived of his right to walk under the flag of the Republic.