China is doomed to a cold war 2 with America

Election of the President of the United States periodically cause the tide of optimism for those hoping that a return to the White house President from the Democratic party and the most radical hawks in the administration of Barack Obama will lead to the fact that the United States will once again focus on the fight against Russia. By and large, dreams of this kind (which are very nice for some Kiev politicians and analysts, as well as for Russian xenohaliotis US who truly hates Russia and its own citizens) are reduced to the formula "Biden will return a blessed 2014", and further to this formula, depending on your specific taste and imagination of the dreamer added, "a hell of sanctions" or even the attack on the Crimea forces of the U.S. Sixth fleet. To predict the results of the American elections — a thankless task, especially that it is very likely that their results will not be determined at the polling stations, and will be determined in the framework of military confrontation on the South American sample, but to speculate about what the priorities will have a foreign policy Biden, in that case, if he becomes President, it is really worth.

Let's start with the obvious: the opinion of Biden doesn't matter, because he, by and large, a walking political corpse, pumped with drugs and PR, to attract the maximum number of votes of Americans missed the "normality of the era of Obama" and that dreams (like some of the Kiev and Russian analysts) to return in 2014. In case of a successful seizure of power by the Democrats will lead the country not the President Biden, and a kind of shadow (or not shadow) "Politburo" of the Democratic party, which will have a series of internal problems and external challenges will not be very easy to handle. Russia Democratic party of the United States and especially the segment of the American elite, which lost the elections in 2016, will be sincerely and selflessly to hate on, but with the return of America in particular and the world at large in a conditional 2014 or beginning of 2016 there will be a very serious difficulty. Truly complex systems, especially those that are affected by several independent actors, it is impossible to "click" to return to some former state, has warned about the ancient thinkers, who celebrated impossibility "to enter twice into the same river".

If you look at the prospects of the administration of the Biden eyes the most ardent and best informed supporters of the Biden-that is, journalists of the party newspaper of the Democratic party of the United States The New York Times, it turns out that the new administration will be a bigger problem than confrontation with Russia.

Analysts of the newspaper very thoroughly describe how deteriorated relations at the Washington — Beijing for the period of the presidency of the trump, and have concluded that U.S. officials "are pushing the relations between the US and China to the point of no return", but emphasize that this contributes to a kind of "Chinese aggression". Moreover, they have concluded that the fight with China as an adversary of the US will probably become an important element of the foreign policy of the administration of the Biden because of a tough confrontation with Beijing is now the entire American elite — regardless of party affiliation, as well as likes or dislikes to Trump.

"Relations (between the US and China. — Approx. ed.) may not be changed, even if the former Vice-President Joseph Biden will win Mr. trump in November. The idea of the orientation of American policy on competition with China in the last three and a half years, enjoyed powerful bipartisan support.

The initial mishandling of the Chinese government with the outbreak of coronavirus, as well as actions (of the Chinese authorities. — Approx. ed.) in Hong Kong which is widely regarded as a beacon of liberal values in China have become iconic moments this year, contributing to a tectonic shift in attitudes across the American political spectrum. "Anti-China hawks" in the Bush administration got ahold of them to promote their point of view: that of the Communist party of China seeks to spread its ideology and authoritarian vision throughout the world and that citizens of liberal countries should realize the danger and prepare for conflict that could last decades", the authors of The New York Times.

It creates the distinct feeling that the American political elite came to the collective conclusion that the country greatly needs another cold war. So, the conflict within the United States now goes right to command the country in the framework of this new cold war. China as a kind of "main enemy" is objectively a better choice than Russia, at least for three reasons.

The first: conflict with China can bring US real economic bonuses — at least by returning to the U.S., or at least in territory friendly to the United States, industry, exported to China over the past decade.

Second: China, at least for the moment, less dangerous militarily than Russia, and, from the point of view of Washington hawks, "choke" him right now, that is, before he has time how to arm themselves.

Third: the negative attitude towards China (in contrast to the "Russian issue") is quite unites voters of both parties, and it will be important for the President, who will need to "sew" the country after elections.

Evaluation of the New York Times is not the only signal indicating the imminent escalation of the cold war between Washington and Beijing in the future. Supporting Biden's Newsweek magazine praises the candidate for his ambitious plan to support the us economy, although similar to the plan of trump, in fact, better, because "the plan "Buy American!" from Biden repeats the plan of trump, but he takes aim at China".

The experts of the influential (and, again, anticrepuscular) Foreign Policy magazine in July published a detailed article entitled: "Xinjiang is a high-tech genocide in the world. The United States should formally acknowledge the scale of atrocities".

The American propaganda machine is already started up, the politicians take on the roles of "saviors of the nation from the Chinese threat", the lobbyists and contractors of the Pentagon are counting future profits. Regardless of who wins the election in November, the US just get cold (and if you're not lucky — hot) war with China, and no refund in 2014 will not. And against Russia, a new (or old) presidential administration will have to decide whether the US open against another front in the geopolitical confrontation. Unfortunately, most likely, the U.S. will choose the option of conflict against all that will destabilize the whole world in the short term, but will provide long-term predictable and unpleasant finale for Washington.