Degtyarev estimated the number of demonstrators in Khabarovsk

Viro the Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev has estimated the number of participants in Saturday's rally in Khabarovsk in support of ex-head of the region Sergey Furgala 10 thousand people, he said this to journalists on Sunday.

Degtyarev went back to Khabarovsk from Vaninskomu and Sovgavanskiy district late on Sunday evening and decided to talk to people. However, a significant portion of the protesters had dispersed, on the square were also journalists.

Previously, the city reported that on June 25 the participation in the unauthorized action took 6.5 thousand people. The representative of power structures has told RIA Novosti about 8 thousand participants.

He noted that a lot of people really angry because of the detention of Sergey Furgala.

"I said to him (Furgala – ed.) is treated with enormous sympathy. Don't believe the charges. I hope the open court, but as a person, nothing more can not comment", - said Degtyarev.

On Monday, President Vladimir Putin appointed acting Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Degtyarev, on Tuesday, he arrived in Khabarovsk and was submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of the region. Furgal, who is suspected of involvement in organized crime groups and custom-made murders of businessmen in the 2000-ies, removed from the post of the Governor "in connection with loss of trust".

In Khabarovsk from July 11 started an unsanctioned rally in support Furgala have now joined them and other cities. Shares in Khabarvosk held amid rising cases of coronavirus. They collect from 100 up to several thousand people. The mass meeting was June 11, he gathered 12 thousand people.