Media reported details of the incident with the Iranian airliner

American fighter jets twice in six minutes prevented a passenger plane of Iranian airline Mahan Air during the incident on Thursday, reports channel Press TV, citing sources.

Earlier it was reported about the convergence of fighters with Iranian passenger plane of the airline Mahan Air, flying from Tehran to Beirut. The incident occurred over the area of al-TANF in Syria, where the us forces. Iranian media reported several people injured when the pilot of the plane tried to leave from collision with the fighters.

According to channel sources, the first time American fighter jets prevented the liner when the Iranian plane was flying over the strategic Syrian region of al-TANF, near the border of Syria with Jordan and Iraq.

"The second time (the fighters) prevented the plane over the Syrian-Lebanese border," the sources added.

The TV channel notes that the pilot of the airliner was forced to drop altitude to avoid a collision with an American military aircraft over the Syrian-Lebanese border.

The source said that the F-15 flew close to the Iranian plane in the skies over Lebanon, when he dropped altitude closer to the airport of Beirut.

Civil aviation organization of Iran announced that Iran has officially announced the protest to the ICAO Council, demanding immediate study of the situation around the convergence of American fighters from the Iranian passenger plane