In Perm, about 30 people rescued drowning woman

About thirty residents of Perm formed a human chain and joined hands to pull from the river a drowning woman, told RIA Novosti the regional Ministry of internal Affairs.

According to authorities, the incident occurred on July 25 in the evening on quay of Perm. The woman swam to the middle of the river, but have not calculated their strength and began to sink.

"Help drowning rushed the young man, he brought her to the shore. Because of the slippery concrete slabs could not get along with the woman ashore. Caring team walking and passing by, lined up and holding each other's hands, pulled them out. There were about 30 people", - said the Agency, adding that the call about the incident at MOE received after the drowning saved.

The interviewee explained that the woman is in the hospital, her life and health threatens nothing.

The Agency is looking for people, which help the woman. They are asked to call the regional emergency Department.