The commander in chief of the armed forces has declared that preparation for a ceasefire in the Donbass

Commander of the Armed forces of Ukraine Colonel-General Ruslan Homchak, said he was pleased with the preparations for the ceasefire in the Donbass, adding that in case of need the Ukrainian military will be able to give a "proper rebuttal" violators of agreements announced on Sunday, the press center of the headquarters operations of the United forces of Ukraine in Facebook.

On Wednesday held a video conference of the contact group on Donbass. The parties agreed to a ceasefire on the line of demarcation in the Donbass from July 27. Later, the Ukrainian law enforcers stated that are preparing for a full ceasefire in the Donbass.

"The second day in a row working in the area of operations joint force satisfied with the preparation for the full and comprehensive ceasefire on the line of demarcation. Measures a complete and comprehensive cease-fire do not deprive military personnel, in case of violation of agreements by the enemy, (of the possibility – ed.) to act in accordance with international law and national legislation of Ukraine in the event as offensive and provocative actions", - quotes the words of the staff of Hamakom.

Commander also urged the Ukrainian military not to yield to possible provocations, putting that the armed forces of Ukraine "is ready to give a fitting rebuff to the enemy in case of violation of agreements, which created the appropriate additional reserves".

Homchak also expressed hope that this attempt to provide a global truce will provide an opportunity for politicians and diplomats to move on to achieve long-awaited peace.