In Severomorsk has passed military-sea parade in honour of day of the Navy

The naval parade was held in the main base of the Northern fleet in Severomorsk, the press service of the Northern fleet.

"Today the main base of the Northern fleet, Severomorsk hosted the celebrations dedicated to the Day of the Navy. They began with the ceremonial raising of the flags on all ships, submarines and courts provide continued military and naval parade, theatrical performance and military-sports festival in the Kola Bay", - stated in the message.

At the Seaside area marched formal calculations of staff officers of Northern fleet ships and servicemen-women. Also was held a ceremony of honouring the fallen defenders of the Fatherland and the laying of wreaths at the monument to the heroes. In addition, the military band of the Northern fleet held a fashion show with elements of a parade-ground concert.

Parade on North sea RAID began with the departure from a berth of a group of boats led boat commander of the Northern fleet. Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseev passed along the guard of 14 ships and submarines moored in the Kola Bay, and then went on Board the flagship of the Northern fleet – the heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great" and his deck congratulated the military on the occasion.

During the festival the naval group, consisting of the basic crews of trawlers "Kotelnich", "Solovetsky Jung", "Kolomna" and "Yadrin" showed the element of mine action to ensure strike forces of the fleet. Episode the deployment of submarines the crews worked diesel-electric submarine "Kaluga" and the atomic submarine "Pskov". They performed an emergency dive and the ascent.

Search submarine with a drop of hydroacoustic station showed two ship anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27. Conventional attack submarine performed a small anti-submarine ship "Brest" and small missile ship "iceberg" has carried out fire support of amphibious assault.

One of the vivid scenes of the festival was a training battle for the landing of a sea landing on the coast, with the support of attack aviation with the participation of large landing ships "Kondopoga", landing craft and floating armored vehicles of the marine corps. Coast fire forces troops fired artillery calculations guns D-44 and the crew of the T-80 BVM. In addition to the combat exercise was shown a number of episodes of material-technical and hydrographic support forces of the Northern fleet, as well as the waltz of the tugs.

All the celebrations involved 28 ships, submarines and support vessels, and helicopters combining force and air defense of the Northern fleet and the patrol ship of the Arctic border guard of FSB of Russia.

Added that night in Severomorsk will be an artillery salute and fireworks.