In Baltiysk the crews of the warships have carried out live firing

The crews of the warships have carried out live firing in the Navy Day in Baltiysk and commander of the Baltic fleet (BF) Admiral Alexander Nosatov congratulated military sailors on the holiday, said on Sunday the Department of information support the press service of the Western military district BF.

It is clarified that in the naval parade and military-sporting festival in the Baltic were involved in more than 46 combat ships, boats, speed boats and support vessels, more than 20 units of military equipment of the army corps, the Ka-27 naval aviation, as well as over 1.5 thousand servicemen of BF.

Furthermore, during the holiday basic BF minesweepers swept the area of the fairway, small anti-submarine ships attacked the submarine of the conditional opponent, and the small missile ships of the simulated performance of the rocket strike.

It added that missile boats showed elements of a marine artillery battle with the imaginary enemy, and then the gunners coastal forces BF performed revealing combat training exercise at fire support training amphibious assault. Then the big landing ship "Kaliningrad" conducted amphibious landing in armoured personnel carriers.

Will end with a festive event with fireworks and fireworks.