Netanyahu accused Lebanon and Syria all attacks on Israel from their territories

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Iran will not be allowed to establish a military base on the Northern border of Israel, and called Lebanon and Syria responsible for any attacks on Israel from their territory.

"We will not allow Iran to establish a military base on our Northern border. Lebanon and Syria responsible for any attack from their territory against Israel... We cannot undermine our security, we cannot allow them to threaten our citizens... the IDF is ready to respond to any threat," Netanyahu said.

Earlier it was reported the transfer by Israel of an additional infantry forces to the Northern border after Arab media reports about the death of a soldier of the Lebanese movement "Hezbollah" as a result of the Israeli air force strike in the South of Damascus on Monday. The Israeli army refused to comment on the RIA Novosti reports that Syria's air defense repelled an Israeli attack in the skies over their capital.

Then it became known that the Israeli army has increased security measures along the Northern border. In addition, it was reported that will change the traffic routes of civilian and military transport. Some roads in some localities will be blocked, instead they will open alternative.

Friday afternoon on the border of Israel and Syria bombings, damaged a building and vehicle in Israeli territory. In response, Israeli helicopters attacked targets of the Syrian army in southern Syria.