In the Syrian port of Tartus was a parade of Russian warships in honor of Navy Day

The parade of warships and support vessels of Russian Navy was held at anchor in the Syrian port of Tartus, the festive event was attended by nine warships, boats and support vessels of the Russian Navy, 14 Russian aircraft and two missile boats of the Navy Syria, said on Sunday the Russian defense Ministry.

"In the parade were involved in modern combat ships of the Russian Navy diesel – electric submarine of project 636.3 "Novorossiysk", the frigate "Admiral Makarov", seagoing minesweeper "Vice-Admiral Zakhar'in" and vessels of auxiliary fleet – kollektorno the ship KIL-158 and rescue tug SB-36. In some parts of the military-sports festival participated in anti-sabotage boats of the type "Raptor" and "Rook" ... the festival events was attended by nine warships, boats and support vessels of the Russian Navy, 14 aircrafts of Air and space forces and naval aviation of the Russian Navy, two missile boats of the Navy of Syria", - is spoken in the message.

It is clarified that the celebrations in the territorial waters of Syria began with the bypass parade of ships of the Russian Navy, built in the Wake line at the outer Harbor of the port of Tartus. The bypass was done a parade - the commander of group of troops of the armed forces in the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR), Lieutenant-General Alexander chaiko and parade commander – captain 1 rank Sergei Tronium.

"After bypassing ships and arrival of the commander of group of troops of the armed forces in Syria and the parade commander on the frigate "Admiral Makarov" on Board the ship took place a solemn awarding ceremony of the sailors for distinction in military service and exemplary performance of military duty," - added in the message.

In addition, after the completion of the official part of the parade of the crews of the ships of the Russian Navy demonstrated the combat capabilities and nautical skills during the military-sports festival. Air part of the holiday was opened by the flight of helicopters of naval and army aviation - the Ka-27PS, Mi-8AMTSH and Mi-35. The sky over the Mediterranean coast couples were the front-line su-24 bombers, multipurpose su-34 and su-35, the plane of distant radar detection A-50, transport aircraft an-26 and An-72 Russian space forces, said the Ministry of defense.

"Within the marine part of the military-sports festival guests and residents of the city of Tartus to the Russian Navy showed the episodes on the landing and capture of the coast division of the naval infantry of the Russian Navy for fire support boats Raptor and attack helicopters of the army aviation Mi-35 conducting behind trawls ship mine defense "Vice-Admiral Zakhar'in" diesel-electric submarine and the destruction of the trawler floating mines with the help of naval artillery", - added in Department.

It is noted that in addition to the ships of the Russian Navy participated in the parade two missile boats of the project 205 from 110 brigade of surface ships of the naval forces of the SAR. The program was completed by the passage of boats Raptor and helicopter flight naval aviation Ka-27 carried on Board and in the air national flags of the Russian Federation, SAR and Russia.