The flight of "Proton-M" with the satellite "Express" will become the longest in history

The launching into orbit telecommunications satellites "Express-80" and "Express-103", which on 30 July launch rocket "proton-M" will become the longest in history.

As reported on Sunday, "Roscosmos", the "separation of the spacecraft "Express-80" from the upper stage "breeze-M" is expected in 17 hours 59 minutes after the start, "Express-103" another 17 minutes."

In September, 2019 on the "Proton" launched a European telecommunications satellite, Eutelsat 5 West B and American technology Mission Extension Vehicle-1. The mission lasted nearly 16 hours.

The launch of the "Express" is scheduled for 00.27 MSK on July 30. This will be the only flight of "Proton" in 2020.

Send into orbit "Express" originally planned for an earlier date, but the missile was returned to Moscow for the replacement of defective components that are discovered at the launch site. The General Director of "Rosatom" Dmitry Rogozin told me that marriage was admitted in 2015-2016 in the manufacture of individual components at the Ust-Katavsky car-building plant in Chelyabinsk region, and the launch of "Express bets" pending for July.

The satellites of "Express-80" and "Express-103" manufactured by "Information satellite systems named after Reshetnev" in the interests of the enterprise "Space communication", will operate in geostationary orbit (a circular orbit 35 786 thousand kilometers) in the setups 80 degrees and 96.5 degrees East longitude respectively. They are designed to provide communication services and broadcasting in C-, Ku - and L-bands, in Russia and in the CIS countries.