Died the author of the famous Manifesto antiperistasis Nina Andreeva

At 82 year of life has died the writer of the letter "I can Not renounce principles" Nina Andreeva, reported on the website of the unregistered "Union Communist party of Bolsheviks".

She died July 24 after suffering a serious illness.

Andreeva was born in 1938. Since 1989, she led the all-Union society "Unity — for Leninism and Communist ideals", and later headed the Bolshevik platform in the CPSU, as well as the organizing Committee for the XXIX convocation of the Extraordinary Congress of the CPSU. From November 1991 he was the leader of the unregistered all-Union Communist party of Bolsheviks.

The newspaper "Soviet Russia" March 13, 1988 published a letter from a teacher at the Leningrad technological Institute, Nina Andreeva, "I can Not renounce principles". In it she expressed her concerns about the policy of perestroika. In the newspaper "Pravda" her writing has been called "the Manifesto antiparasitogenic forces."