Scientists describe the products that help to preserve youthfulness of skin

Doctor of Rupee Orla, a scientist from Serovskoe Institute, University of Edinburgh, told how to eat to maintain youthfulness of the skin. His words are quoted by tabloid the Sun.

According to the scientist, whom the publication calls a "leading voice of Britain" in matters of power, should refuse food with high iron content, in particular red meat (beef and lamb), which can lead to a dramatic age-related changes.

On the contrary, he Oil, you should eat food rich in antioxidants, collagen, minerals and has anti-inflammatory properties which enable it to develop and rejuvenate the body.

"Eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables every day will provide the body a lot of herbal substances, that balance excessive inflammation, reduce cell damage and protect them during the aging process," — said the scientist.

Also, he added, low protein diet reduces the excessive production of growth hormone, which may accelerate age-related changes.

"It all comes down to my principles of a healthy diet: mostly plants, quality fats (nuts and seeds), eating a meal high in fiber and whole unprocessed food", — concluded Oil.

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