In Russia may increase the price of home Internet and TV

Prices for home Internet and TV in Russia could rise to 15 percent this year, the newspaper "Izvestia" with reference to experts from various companies and research Agency iKS-Consulting

It is noted that the decision to change the cost of the service providers made on the background of the pandemic COVID-19. Thus, the representative of "VimpelCom" stated about the rapid transition of clients online in the period of self-isolation.

"They began to spend more time online, to use a large number of new services to consume content," said a source.

From 27 July the company will increase the cost of some archival tariffs by 50 rubles. Along with this, the operator raised the speed on these tariff plans up to 100 Mbps FAS the newspaper reported that the office consider changing the company "Vympelcom" cost rates, and added that in case of detection of signs of violation of the Antimonopoly take action.

It is also reported that such changes will affect users providers ER-Telecom, AKADO and MTS. The latter has already increased the price of the service of satellite TV from July 2020, "er-Telecom" increased the fees for some fares that affected about ten percent of the customers. Does not exclude changes in costs, tariffs and "Rostelecom".