The inhabitant of the Kurgan explained why led the child on the leash

In Kurgan, a local resident said that he used the bracelet of safety in order to keep eight-year-old son who suffers from autism nizkorentabelnym, writes portal "45.ru".

Earlier in the Network appeared the video, which the woman led the child using the restraint. The author of the video stated that the woman allegedly walked with the boy "on a leash". The video caused discussions among users.

The woman told that at the time when she was walking with an older man and a boy and this was shot on video, the family went to fetch water and returned home. According to her, the half-blind pensioner, a severe form of Alzheimer's disease. The child cannot speak, doesn't understand when he is asked, not aware of the dangers.

She explained that not all drivers can understand that a normal looking child might pop up on the machine.

The inhabitant of the Kurgan concluded that in children with autism spectrum disorders low social attachment to friends and parents, they almost do not accept the authority of adults.