The Minister of defence of Israel has instructed the army to maintain combat readiness on the border

The Israeli defense Minister benny Gantz after meeting nachgenshtaba army Aviv Kohavi, Director of military intelligence tamira Heyman and other senior military officials instructed the army to maintain a high alert along the Northern border, reported the press service of the Ghanaian.

"Gantz instructed the IDF to maintain high combat readiness in the area and to use all necessary means, emphasizing that Israel will not tolerate violations of its sovereignty. He said that the IDF and all the security service will respond to any threat to Israeli citizens", - the press-service of the Minister of defence.

Ganz also noted that Lebanon and Syria will be directly responsible for any threat emanating from their territory.

On Friday evening, Israeli helicopters attacked targets of the Syrian army in southern Syria, after a shell fired from the Syrian side, was damaged civilian targets in Israeli territory. The IDF struck over the observation points of the Syrian army and intelligence gathering.

According to Syrian security officials, the attack wounded two Syrian military.