The expert assessed the prospects of constructive dialogue between Russia and the USA in Vienna

Ultimate and accusatory tone of the American side on the eve of consultations in Vienna on arms control may prevent constructive dialogue expert groups, told RIA Novosti researcher, IMEMO ran, co-founder of the project "Watfor" Dmitry Stefanovic.

The US believes the unsuccessful proposals of Russia and China on the conclusion of a Treaty on arms control in space, said earlier the U.S. assistant Secretary of state for international security and nonproliferation Christopher Ford.

"I think there is a lot of ostentatious, especially given the regular accusations of "tests of anti-satellite systems", which publication (and with the participation of the British allies) is clearly synchronized with the preparations for the Vienna consultations, and not with the "inspection" in orbit, the message on which the Ministry of defence of Russia issued on July 15th", - noted Stefanovich.

However, he believes, in General, sufficiently detailed public formulation of problematic issues from the American side "can be helpful to the public in the context of consultations".

"Say so, outlined the topics which will be asked at the end. On the other hand, such publicity raises doubts in a constructive attitude regardless of the content and results of the consultation, you can always unleash a propaganda campaign in the spirit of "the Russians did not agree with our charges, then they're scheming bad", - the expert added.

"Overall, the diplomatic style of the American colleagues is increasingly biased towards high-profile statements, accusations and ultimatums that inflicts some damage efficiency, however, professional discussions of delegations (like a representative) is not excluded," - said Stefanovic.

He noted one more important detail: if the United States official statements read some "separation" of the three working formats: "space security" is one thing, "the nuclear doctrine and warheads" and "transparency and verification" is different, then the Russian side, all three themes are combined into a single framework "bilateral strategic dialogue".

"And not "warheads" and "potentials", and this is also a very important distinction," - said the expert.

According to him, "good" can be considered ahead of the meeting voiced the idea of the United States on space hot line with Russia. "Not a bad idea, if there is enthusiasm to create a really working tool. In the case of cybersecurity (Parallels with this subject conducted including Mr. Ford) hotline is not particularly helps to de-escalate, as we know," summed up the expert.

The latest Russian-American consultations on strategic stability issues took place in Vienna on 22-23 June. Discussed the extension of the Treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3), maintaining stability and predictability in the conditions of the termination of the INF Treaty. At the consultations, the sides confirmed the launch of the working group on space and a number of others.