In Sverdlovsk region the number of victims of coronavirus has increased to 231

The number of cases of death of patients with COVID-19 in Sverdlovsk region rose for the day at 11, to 231, said on Saturday the operational headquarters of the region for the prevention of coronavirus.

A day in the region was 251 new case COVID-19.

The diagnosis is laboratory confirmed among residents of Yekaterinburg, Artemivsk, Asbestos, Artinskiy and urban districts Aramil, Berezovsky, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Aramil, the school, town, Ural, Irbit and Irbit area, Slobodo-the Turin area of Turin and Tavdinsky urban district, Kamensk-Ural, Bogdanovich, Kushva, Top Tours, Kachkanar, Krasnouralsk, Krasnoufimskiy district, Polevskoy, Sysert urban district, Nizhny Tagil Urban urban district, Verkhnaya Salda, Lower Salda, the city of Kirovgrad, Upper Tagil, Pervouralsk, Nizhneserginsky district, of the town of Krasnoturinsk, Serov, Verkhoturye, Talitsky urban district.

The total number recorded in the region of cases of coronavirus infection is 19232, said the headquarters.

The condition of 173 hospitalized is assessed as severe, 154 of them are located in the anesthesiology-resuscitation departments, including 76 on the ventilator. The number of patients in a state of moderate severity hospitalized in the Ekaterinburg hospital №40 and hospitals of other municipalities, – 658. The other patients are in satisfactory condition.

Per day issued 416 – total number of discharged reached 14232, said the headquarters.

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