Named cause of the sinking of the armored vehicles in the Kerch Strait

The armored troop-carrier sank during the crossing of the Kerch Strait due to weather conditions, reported to journalists the press-Secretary of the interregional public organization "Military-technical Union" Andrey Konnov.

Military-technical society organized the campaign "Kerch landing "the Road of courage", in which three armored vehicles had to overcome the Kerch Strait.

According to him, the factory system worked and pumped water but it was coming very fast.

The crew of the car were evacuated, said Konov.

"After it was evacuated last member of the crew who were fighting to save this BRDM, however, it was not possible", — he said.

The other two armored vehicles at the request of the Ministry of emergency situations back to the start point in the Taman.

"Kerch landing "the Road of courage" was launched from the shore of the village Taman ' (the Fishing village), the ultimate goal is the shore near the village of Geroevskoe (Eltigen earlier) in Kerch. The distance of the transition is 15 kilometers.