China has put into orbit three satellites using rocket "Changzheng-4B"

China on Saturday with the help of the carrier rocket "Changzheng-4B" successfully orbited three civilian satellites, reports the Chinese Corporation of space science and technology (CASC).

The launch took place on Saturday morning at 11.13 local time (6.13 GMT) from the Baikonur "Taiyuan" in Shanxi province in Northern China. After a while all three of the satellite entered the preset orbit.

Apparatus "Ziyuan-3" (ZY-3) is one of a series developed by China satellites for stereoscopic imaging necessary for geodetic and cartographic activities. The satellite will be the Ministry of natural resources of China. Sputnik "Hotel-3" will work together with the previously derived into orbit two satellites of the same series and companion "of Gaofen-7".

The second device - satellite "Sunsaan", equipped with x-ray detector. Third - "Tanzi-10" will be part of posed by China network satellite industrial Internet of things in low earth orbit. It is planned that by the end of the year satellites "of TANCI" will consist of not less than 12 units.

For carrier rockets of family "Changan" this is the 341-I mission.