SK confirmed the initiation of proceedings about a bribe against the official Ugra

Investigators in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district confirmed the fact of excitation of criminal case under article about bribery against the Deputy Director of the Department of industry of Ugra, said on Saturday regional investigatory management SK the Russian Federation.

A RIA Novosti source in local law enforcement agencies Friday announced the criminal case against the Deputy Director of the Department of industry of the Autonomous district on charges of accepting bribes.

According to investigators, the official for bribery "was implemented the overall protection of the individual entrepreneur", who is the head of the farm. This protection was expressed in assistance in granting to the businessman of subsidies and other payments from the budget of the district for maintaining this economy.

Investigators believe that for these services the monthly official received from the businessman money, which went into given him by the owner of the fuel card. "At the moment of criminal case established facts of the transfer entrepreneur and an official not less than 150 thousand rubles, which the latter spent at their discretion, including for the fueling of the vehicle," - said the Agency.

During the searches at the place of work and in the apartment of the suspects and their relatives militiamen also withdrew large sums of money in rubles and foreign currency, and other assets. Both suspects have been questioned, the question on a preventive measure, the investigation is ongoing, added to the SUCK.

The name of the official who find themselves in the field of law enforcement, as well as businessman not specified. According to the website of the Department of industry of the region, the head of the Agency three Deputy. A review of the government of Yugra, RIA Novosti does not have.