The butchers told me how to wean drivers to use the phone while driving

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov in its channel in the Telegram told how to deal with the use of mobile phones while driving.

"Already it is evident that the driver of the car in front not here: goes obliquely, slowly wagging," explained the doctor. He noted that pedestrians do not behave better: cross the road with headphones in the hood, looking at the phone and thinking, "what are they made of titanium and is immortal."

He was outraged that the penalty for using a phone while driving is 500 rubles. Butchers proposed fine for using a cell phone behind the wheel for ten thousand rubles, and for the second such violation — to deprive of the rights.

"I saw a person driving with a cell phone: put off and judgmental pogudeli! Themselves more you're not!", — said Myasnikov. Otherwise, according to the doctor, the punishment for drunk driving should take the form of a fine of 500 rubles — according to him, the tragic consequences of both disorders are the same.

Also Miasnikov recalled that in France for using a mobile phone while driving can deprive of the rights.