Media: Chinese diplomats left the Consulate General in Houston

Chinese diplomats left the General Consulate in Houston, closed at the request of the American authorities, the newspaper Houston Chronicle.

According to the newspaper, the Embassy staff had to vacate the building by 16:00 local time (00:00 GMT). Shortly before the police blocked the area near the building, and after some time from the Consulate drove three vans, two of them had diplomatic plates.

At about 16:40 into the building through the back door came a few people, among whom, according to the Houston Chronicle, was the spokesman.

Earlier, Reuters reported that the people who can be us officials, tried to force open the back door of the Consulate General.

The twenty-second of July, the United States closed the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, citing the need to protect intellectual property and personal information of Americans. Beijing called it a political provocation and vowed "decisive steps".

The first response step was the demand to close the American Consulate General in Chengdu, in Sichuan province. The Chinese foreign Ministry stressed that the responsibility for the situation rests with Washington.

In relations between the US and China tensions. Washington and Beijing have mutual economic claims. In addition, the us administration accuses China of unscrupulous informing about the situation with coronavirus, and Beijing is unhappy with Washington's intervention in its internal Affairs, particularly in relations with Hong Kong.