Ecuador warned that they are determined to protect the waters of the Galapagos

The government of Ecuador has warned the authorities of China and other countries engaged in fishing in the Pacific that it intends to protect its Maritime rights around the Galapagos Islands.

The Department explained that we are talking about the protection of the special economic zone in the Pacific ocean and the habitat of many unique species of fish and wildlife, threatened by illegal and unregulated fishing.

According to the Minister, Ministry of foreign Affairs through diplomatic channels, have notified China and other countries whose vessels are in this part of the Pacific ocean, about a ban on entrance to the exclusive area of the Galapagos Islands (200 miles around the archipelago) and continental part of the country.

In 2017 Ecuador were arrested and included in the national Navy of the Chinese vessel "Fu yuan Yu LEng", on Board of which was withdrawn about 300 tons of frozen marine fauna, including endangered sharks. The crew was sentenced to a fine in the amount of $ 6 million and imprisonment from 1 to 4 years.