The Russians offered an alternative to morning coffee

Start your day not only with coffee or strong tea. Good for the heart and nervous system alternative can be a coffee bean in chocolate, said in an interview with radio Sputnik neuropsychologist Irina Khvingia.

Coffee beans in chocolate give the same invigorating effect that a Cup of coffee, but have less unpleasant consequences. In particular, they can not cause overexertion of the brain, which can be earned from a large dose of caffeine, says Irina Khvingia.

Coffee beans in chocolate also carry much less harm to a human heart than the usual coffee mug.

"Coffee and caffeine are bad for the cardiovascular system. Chocolate is the opposite. It reduces cholesterol and good for heart. Coffee and chocolate complement each other. They reduce the harmful effects of each other", — said Irina Khvingia.

It should be understood that neither coffee nor coffee beans in chocolate – is not a panacea. Irina Khvingia reminds us that such "doping" can solve temporary problems, but with chronic lack of sleep and fatigue to fight will not help.