Media: trump angered the ban of the Confederate flag at military installations

The President of the United States Donald trump is pissed about how the Secretary of defense mark Esper has signed a Memorandum of demonstration of flags at military installations where it was not allowed among the Confederate flag, according to CNN, citing informed sources.

Earlier it was reported that Esper has signed a Memorandum of demonstration of flags at military sites where the number of allowed missing the Confederate flag. The list of allowed to posting on military facilities or territories of flags consists of nine items, in which there is no mention of the Confederate flag. An exception is made for museums, tombs, monuments and a number of other situations in which it "cannot be considered as the flag support from the Ministry of defense."

According to sources, the channel, the tramp was angry because of the Memorandum of Esper, which does not mention the prohibition of it to the Confederate flag, but in fact his posting at military installations is forbidden.

However, two sources who spoke with trump in recent days, said that at the moment, the work of Esper is not in danger, although the relationship between the American President and the Pentagon in recent years has deteriorated significantly.

As the channel reports, one of the White house officials said that the information sources about the reaction of trump's unreliable.

"When this question was raised before the President, he wasn't angry", - quotes the channel of an unnamed White house official.

Earlier banning of the flag of the slaveholding South in the era of the Civil war, said Navy and U.S. marine corps.

On the backdrop of the death of an African-American George Floyd with the arrest by the police in the US has once again intensified the debate about racial discrimination, monuments and other symbols of the slave South.