Putin congratulated the investigators on their professional holiday

Every procedural decision of the investigator must be competent and perfect and ensure the completeness of the investigation, the mistakes need to be corrected, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the congratulation to employees and veterans of the investigating authorities of Russia.

He stressed that the main criterion for evaluating the work of employees of the investigative bodies are not separate indicators of departmental statistics, and the confidence of companies and citizens. "You don't just understand all the intricacies of a particular case, you are defending truth, justice, human dignity, and achieve inevitable punishment for the perpetrators and protect the rights of those who have suffered as a result of criminal assault was the victim of illegal prosecution or false slander", - said the head of state.

Putin also thanked the employees and veterans of the investigating authorities for service under the rule of law, rule of law, reliable protection of the interests of citizens and the state for their significant contribution in the fight against crime, wishing them success.

"Honesty, integrity, objectivity, strict observance of the law has always been the moral basis of a professional investigator. These best traditions are continuing today the staff of the Investigative Committee of Russia, investigators of the Ministry of internal Affairs and Federal security service", - said the President, videos of congratulations posted on the Kremlin website.