The state Department has evaluated the proposals of Russia and China on the Treaty on outer space

The US believes the unsuccessful proposals of Russia and China on the conclusion of a Treaty on arms control in space, stated on Friday to journalists by the assistant Secretary of state for international security and nonproliferation Christopher Ford.

"Russian and Chinese diplomats were very resourceful in proposing bad ideas about arms control in space... the Problem is some of the things that pushed Moscow and Beijing on this topic, it attempts to approach to the space in the traditional position of arms control: to define space weapons and prohibit it," he said during a telephone briefing.

According to him, it is almost impossible to define what "weapons in space".

"And even if this happens, it is almost impossible to check all compliance with this rule, if adopted," - said the diplomat.

The second problem with these suggestions, Ford named the absence of the theme of accommodation in the earth of weapons that can reach outer space and be used there. This Ford was called "a sign of carelessness" approach to discussion.