The US has offered Russia to create a line space

The US has offered Russia to create a line of communication to prevent conflict in space, told assistant Secretary of state for international security and nonproliferation Christopher Ford.

"Our operator should be able to contact the operator as soon as there are potential problems and may happen a misunderstanding", — he said at a briefing.

According to Ford, this subject will be raised at the negotiations of the experts of the two countries in Vienna, which will be held next week.

The state Department argued its proposal that in recent years Russia allegedly makes in orbit "strange and dangerous things."

Ford also said that the United States considers the initiative of Russia and China on arms control in space failed. Washington believed that space weapons are almost impossible to define, and to monitor its usage difficult.

Previously, the Space command, the U.S. reported that Russia conducted a non-destructive ASAT weapon test.

In fact, the Ministry of defense tested 15 Jul newest small satellite inspector. The foreign Ministry noted that these tests pose no threat to other space objects and did not violate international law. In addition, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov stressed that Russia is committed to the complete demilitarization of space.