Pushkov ridiculed ready to "storm the Crimea," Turchynov

. Senator Alexei Pushkov ridiculed the statement of former head of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov about the readiness to fight in Crimea.

Earlier Turchynov said that I agree personally in the forefront to storm the Peninsula, where President Vladimir Zelensky will decide on the offensive.

According to the parliamentarian, the former head of the national security Council makes such statements and shows "rare courage", knowing that no one is going to send him to the Crimea.

"Zelensky such an order does not give as gave Poroshenko. But to attract media attention to his pseudo-heroism — is another matter", — wrote Pushkov in Twitter.

Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that the issue of Crimea "closed permanently". Moreover, Moscow warned that the Peninsula is well protected, and any provocation will immediately stop.