The state Department has told about the expectations from the meeting with Russia to space

The U.S. hopes that the meeting on outer space in Vienna, on 27 July, will clarify the policies of the parties with respect to the space amid reports about the trial of Russian weapons in there, stated on Friday to journalists by the assistant Secretary of state for international security and nonproliferation Christopher Ford.

"We hope this meeting will allow us to explore ways to strengthen stability and security in outer space, as well as to move forward in the development of norms of responsible behavior in this very important area," he said during a telephone briefing.

He expressed the hope that the first 2013 official bilateral meeting on security in space will be interesting and productive. According to him, on the American side, it will take the participation of inter-Agency delegation with representatives of the state Department, the defense Ministry, energy Ministry, national security Council and the cosmic forces.

"Of course, we will emphasize our concern about efforts by Russia and China to exploit space for military purposes. Let me explain. Moscow and Beijing have turned the space into a theater of war," added Ford.

He accused Russia and China in the placement of weapons in outer space, which is a threat in space, the US and allies.

"Russia has already experienced launching projectiles in space, and not just once, but two times," - said the diplomat.

According to him, the US intends to protect access to and freedom of action in space. Ford expressed hope that the meeting in Vienna will clarify the policy of both parties in this matter.