Co-founder of Apple has sued YouTube because of the fraudulent video

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and another 17 people filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of the state of California against the platform YouTube and owning Google in connection with the service are posted on the video's name is Wozniak used to implement fraudulent schemes through bitcoin, the text of the claim.

"YouTube is laid out in a constant flow of fraudulent videos and advertising campaigns, which falsely used the pictures and videos of plaintiff Steve Wozniak and other prominent entrepreneurs in the technology sector, and that trick YouTube users for millions of dollars", - stated in the text of the claim.

According to the statement of the plaintiffs in the videos on the service, the scammers told about the alleged distribution of bitcoins from the Apple co-founder. In the video it was argued that if users would send a certain number of bitcoins to a certain address, Wozniak will return them as double. In the complaint are screen shots from the platform with relevant YouTube videos. It is noted that the scammers also use this scheme and with the names of other famous entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk, bill gates and Robert Kiyosaki.

The plaintiffs argue that YouTube is aware of these scams, but not taking action to remove these videos.

"Despite repeated statements by the plaintiffs and many other users that YouTube has taken timely measures to put an end to this cheap fraud with bitcoins YouTube has been repeatedly late with the action or refused to do so," reads the lawsuit.

"As a result of the glaring omissions of the defendants... the plaintiff Wozniak has incurred and continues to incur irreparable harm to their reputation, but YouTube users, including plaintiffs, were defrauded for millions of dollars. Among other things, the plaintiffs seek orders requiring that YouTube finally stopped the outrageous practice of publishing, promoting and profiting from these criminally fraudulent video and promotions," reads the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also says that last week the result of a hacker attack on Twitter these videos were also posted on the service, but Twitter immediately took steps to block these accounts and protect users from fraud.

Previously unknown hacked the Twitter accounts of several U.S. celebrities. Among the victims of the burglary were former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, billionaires bill gates, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett, the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos, rapper Kanye West, Apple, Uber and others. The authors in the hacked accounts, promised to return sent to them within 30 minutes bitcoins in doubling the size.