In an American hospital found a cache of works by Kooning and Calder

. The hospital "stony brook" in Southampton (new York) accidentally found a warehouse with works by famous abstract expressionists of the twentieth century, reports the New York Post.

They were looking for a place to store the ventilator and additional hospital beds, and found more than a hundred paintings.

"I shivered when I saw it," — said the art consultant Vincent Manzo. He was the first expert who examined lithographs, drawings and wooden sculptures of Willem de Kooning, Alexander Calder, Robert dash and other artists. Most of the works were created in the period from 1950 to 1980.

Found works sell at auction Kaminski. Their total starting price of about one hundred thousand dollars, although some experts believe that it can grow to a million. The proceeds from the sale will be remitted to the hospital and the Historical Museum in Southampton.

It is assumed that most of the works were given to the doctors by artists who lived or worked nearby. "Stony brook" was the only hospital in the County.

So, Willem de Kooning was a frequent patient and gave her dozens of her paintings in gratitude for the treatment.

It is possible that other artists also donated their work to the hospital prompted by the mistress of a local art gallery Elaine Benson, who was simultaneously the Director of "stony Brooke" in public relations. Apparently, after her death, the collection was forgotten.