The foreign Ministry responded to the proposal with Pompeo to create an Alliance against China

Moscow considers the statement of US state Secretary Mike Pompeo about the possibility to involve Russia in anti-Chinese campaign of the US as an attempt to complicate the Russian-Chinese partnership, "drive a wedge" between Russia and China, the statement of the official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova.

Earlier, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo suggested to create an Alliance against China.

"Mike Pompeo's statement about the possibility to involve Moscow in anti-Chinese campaign of the USA considered as another naive attempt to complicate Russian-Chinese partnership, "drive a wedge" in the friendly relations between Russia and China," the commentary said Zakharova.

She stressed that Russia intends to continue to strengthen cooperation with China, which considers as the most important factor stabilizing the situation in the world.

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry expressed surprise at the defiant tone of statements Pompeo containing "have already become accustomed to the foreign vocabulary of the USA brutality against China, its socio-political system and the country's leadership".

"Provoked by Washington's tensions with Beijing, hurting not only the US and China, but also seriously complicates the international situation in General. These two countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council and play an important role in world Affairs. Together with other members of the "five" they bear a special responsibility for maintaining global stability", - stated in the message.