Representatives of the foreign Ministry of India and China discussed the situation on the border

Indian and Chinese diplomats discussed on Friday the situation in the border areas of India and China and the ongoing process of disengagement of forces along the line of actual control, said the Ministry of foreign Affairs of India.

"They agreed that a rapid and complete disengagement of troops along the line of actual control and de-escalation in the border areas of India and China... and the full restoration of peace and tranquility are important for a smooth overall development of bilateral relations", - reads the statement of the foreign Ministry.

Both sides agreed that in the near future can be held another meeting of senior commanders to develop further steps to ensure the quick and full disengagement and de-escalation, and restore peace and tranquility in the border areas.

Representatives of foreign ministries of the two countries also agreed to maintain regular contacts at the diplomatic and the military level.

The aggravation of the situation on the line of actual control in Ladakh between China and India began in early may when a series of military conflicts between the two countries in the area of high-altitude lake Pangong TSO. Then India and China started strengthening its military presence in Ladakh. A new round of tensions began after a fight the military of the two countries in the valley of Galvan in Ladakh on the evening of 15 June. According to the official new Delhi, in the incident from the Indian side killed 20 soldiers. Information on the numbers of killed and wounded on the Chinese side was not made public.

To normalize the situation, the commanders of forces of the two countries in Ladakh (the Indian commander of the 14th corps, General-Lieutenant Harinder Singh and commander of the South Xinjiang military district, major-General Liu Ling) and diplomats of India and China have held several rounds of negotiations. In early July, the special representatives on the boundary question - national security adviser of India Ajit Doval and Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi agreed as soon as possible to complete the process of breeding troops on the line of contact and continue to consult for the restoration of peace.

India insists on full withdrawal of troops of the two countries to the positions they occupied at the beginning of the year, however the Chinese party has strength in one area of lake Pangong-TSO.