Experts told when on the plane the risk of Contracting the most

The probability to be infected by the coronavirus in the plane above all at the time of landing and disembarkation of passengers, reports the Express.

Gradually, the flights return to everyday life, but many tourists are worried about their health.

Many people think that the risk of infection is highest during the flight. But a German study showed that the chances of getting much higher in the points of embarkation and disembarkation of passengers.

Computer simulations illustrate that at this time the passengers more closely in contact with each other. Travellers stand in a queue in the aisle, the crowd at the exit, take hand Luggage. And during the flight, air ventilation provides relative safety.

Air conditioning in the aircraft is very powerful. Some believe that the car was "walking" the same air, but it's not. Modern ventilation systems work on the principle of 50 percent fresh air and as much filtered cabin. This means that the air on Board changes completely every three minutes. For comparison, in a building with air conditioning it changes every twelve minutes.