Mahan Air has commented on incident with the fighter of the United States

Iranian airline Mahan Air commented on the actions of the U.S. air force against his passenger plane, saying that the Iranian aircraft was flying in accordance with the rules of air navigation.

In a published release about the incident with one of its planes flying from Iran to Lebanon, the company Mahan Air, called the actions of the two American fighters against a passenger airliner threatening.

The company reports that during the incident the pilot got a "system signal collision warning" about the need to sharply reduce the height, and then began to decline.

Passengers at the time were allowed to sit without a fastened seatbelt, resulting in some of them have suffered, like a number of crew members. Iranian media described the action of the liner as a maneuver to avoid a collision with the fighters.

"Because the flights on this route for over 10 years are planned, the company has always complied with the rules and regulations of flights, performing flights. For this reason, this case can be considered as another example of non-compliance with the laws ruling in the United States regime", - stated in the release.

Earlier it was reported about the convergence of fighters with Iranian passenger plane of the airline Mahan Air, flying from Tehran to Beirut. The incident occurred over the area of al-TANF in Syria, where the us forces.

The US said that the plane F-15 U.S. air force escorted the Iranian airliner from a distance of one kilometer based on international standards - identifying the airliner as a passenger aircraft Mahan Air, an American fighter moved away to a safe distance.

Iran in connection with the actions of the United States protested to the International civil aviation organization (ICAO). In addition, Iranian authorities have established contact with Syria, over which the incident occurred, asking quickly and to study in detail the incident with the Iranian passenger plane.

A passenger plane landed in Beirut, landed passengers, refueled, and then returned to Tehran.